The Watchtower Society’s Theocratic Ministry School

Jehovah Witness

Time To Go To School

Many people are unaware that when they run into a Jehovah’s Witness on their “Field Service” -their term for street witnessing- they have been extensively preparing to engage the people they encounter. Rather than a sporadic and casual endeavor, theirs is a systemic approach to proselytizing. When they come to your door, or you run across them on the street, at the mall etc, keep in mind they will be using various techniques on you during conversation. These techniques are learned specifically at their Theocratic Ministry School at the Kingdom Hall. We’ll discuss some of these in a moment.

What is this school? It’s not a credited school that can be used toward a degree or a career like some churches have, it’s more like a weekly Bible class that discusses the teachings in their publications.  In this class, they engage in a mock dialogue -in front of their congregation- where one person plays the Jehovah’s Witness and the other the non witness. There are various topics that will be discussed (it varies and rotates) and they work through the best ways to relay this information to prospective converts. After the dialogue has been concluded, there’s usually an Elder (their version of a pastor, of sorts) that will critique how their presentation was, and what needs to be tweaked.

The Preemptive Attack

The techniques and tools they learn on what to say and how  to speak to people come from their Theocratic Ministry School Guidebook, among other publications from their Society. Some of these topics include Voice Improvement, Volume and Pausing, using Impromptu Speech, being Tactful Yet Firm, etc. It’s admirable that they are well studied on public speaking and seem sincere in their approach in their version of outreach, but despite all of this, they are still preaching a false gospel.

For those that are interested in reaching out to JWs, I’ll let you in on a secret. Each Kingdom Hall has their own call in line (meant mainly for their members) so that you can listen in on their various weekly services, including their T. M. S. With this, you can hear what their new objectives and teachings are. You’ll also learn where they’re headed on Field Service and their targeted locations that they are pursuing for the week. They often share their experiences/stories/conversations of what worked for them and what didn’t while in the field. How can you get the number to one of these call in lines one may ask. If you go to the Kingdom Hall to one of their meetings just ask them about it. They shouldn’t have a problem giving it to you. They may ask you for your motive -especially if you’re not a witness- but simply explain to them that you want to learn more about what they teach without the commitment of having to show up every week. I have done this before and have had no objections from the people I have asked, but it’s all in the approach. Once you have this number you can stay ahead of the game. So the next time they show up at your door, you’ll be prepared by knowing what they’ve been up to and how they’ve prepped for this encounter with you.

Disclaimer: Make sure that you’re deeply rooted in what you know of the Bible and in doctrine first before you attempt to spend ample time learning what they teach. I would not advise this for new Christians.


About Razor Swift

Rich Christian who is the founder of Razor Swift, seeks to open hearts and minds through the platform of apologetics. It's his desire to approach Biblical, faith, and other issues from a different perspective rather than just preaching to the choir in the Christianese dialect. He maintains that faith and reason mustn’t necessarily be at odds with each other, but can be complementary. May no stone lay unturned.
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