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If you live in the Los Angeles area, are a skeptic of the Bible, and want to challenge a Biblical scholar (and scientist), then here’s your chance. In the town of Sierra Madre, which is just East of Pasadena, there’s a church -Sierra Madre Congregational Church- that hosts an event “The Skeptics Forum” where you can ask Dr. Hugh Ross (founder of Reasons To Believe) any question concerning God, the Bible, and Science. I went yesterday with my wife to check it out, and we had a great time. Since it is held in a church, I really didn’t think there would be any hardcore skeptics there asking questions. I was wrong, as there were some Agnostics and Atheists there asking great questions. It’s really a “free for all” where Dr. Ross just starts talking about whatever is on his mind, and he waits for people to step up to the mic at the back of the room to ask him a question. That’s the format. I was expecting some sort of scripted lecture with a Q and A at the end, but this is refreshingly not that. The event is held a few times a year, I would highly recommend it even if you are not a skeptic. If you’re interested in learning more about this forum and the other classes that Dr. Hugh teaches at the church, here’s their website.


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Rich Christian who is the founder of Razor Swift, seeks to open hearts and minds through the platform of apologetics. It's his desire to approach Biblical, faith, and other issues from a different perspective rather than just preaching to the choir in the Christianese dialect. He maintains that faith and reason mustn’t necessarily be at odds with each other, but can be complementary. May no stone lay unturned.
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