• Science is an attempt to interpret the facts of nature.
  • Christian theology is an attempt to interpret the words of the Bible.
  • According to that theology, God created the universe and is responsible for the words of the Bible.
  • Since the Bible repeatedly declares that God cannot lie or deceive, no contradiction can exist between the words of the Bible and the facts of nature.
  • Therefore, any conflict between science and Christian theology must be attributed to human misunderstanding or misrepresentation.
  • Such conflicts need not cast doubt on the integrity of the Christian faith or raise suspicion toward all science and scientists.
  • Such conflicts indicate that further research is need.

-2004 “A Matter Of Days” by Hugh Ross


About Razor Swift

Rich Christian who is the founder of Razor Swift, seeks to open hearts and minds through the platform of apologetics. It's his desire to approach Biblical, faith, and other issues from a different perspective rather than just preaching to the choir in the Christianese dialect. He maintains that faith and reason mustn’t necessarily be at odds with each other, but can be complementary. May no stone lay unturned.
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