What The Bible Says: Morality Versus Mechanics

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On occasion I have various individuals ask me why the Bible is not more scientific, and some would dare say, it’s not at all. However, there are numerous scientists that would disagree that the Bible is silent on science. In reality, the Bible spoke about various aspects of stars, cosmic darkness, animal husbandry, farming, medicine, sanitation, meteorology, and tectonics well before the scientific community caught up to it. [1] Over 2700 years ago the Bible declared that the universe is expanding, thus describing the Big Bang. [2] There are many other scientific accuracies in the Bible that we can cite [3], but what we have mentioned will be suffice for now. Even if we were to give a list of hundreds of factual claims, it’s my suspicion that the hardened skeptic wouldn’t blink an eye anyways.

Admittedly, some of these writings are very poetic without going into much detail (indeed others are more involved), while leaving out the mechanics entirely. I believe there are various reasons why this is so, with the main one being the target audience that it was written for. God was speaking on a level -not always of course- for his audience to understand. In the New Testament, Jesus would often use parables that were applicable to the culture he was surrounded by. To be fair, he did speak on things that were shrouded in mystery but the reasoning why he did so is not our focus for this article.

Lets look at the primary reason why the Bible is not as much about science as it is about human behavior/nature. Before we do, I would like us to consider the driver’s handbook that needs to be read in order to get your license. It is chalked full of various laws and regulations to keep us safe, and legal. While it touches on the mechanics of our vehicle, by and large it’s primary focus is to keep us in the realm of “moral driving”. It is not just for automotive technicians, but for everyone that drives. If it’s focus was more on mechanics, even if we could learn all the ins and outs of how the vehicle works, we would still get in trouble (or worse) if we didn’t know that driving on the sidewalk -and running over everything in our path- is illegal. Such reckless driving will attract fines, and/or jail time. See where I’m going here? Bring in the Bible. As a Christian, I fully affirm that the Bible is mankind’s “driver’s handbook” for every human on the planet. It is the guidebook for our vehicle of life, and ultimately eternal life. Oh, and you don’t have to be a mechanic to benefit from reading it.




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