Jehovah’s Witness Bible Study: Born Again To See The Kingdom? (Video)

This is a Bible study that I did a few years ago with a JW who was a Ministerial Servant. I’ve learned a lot about the Jehovah’s Witnesses since then, and reflecting back I can hear what I could have said better. However, there’s enough on here to show the circular reasoning of the JW’s. We had been studying for many months at the time of this study, and despite him telling me that he’d “do some research” and follow up, he never came back. I tried to contact him -via phone- on several occasions, but he never called back. It should be clear from this audio, that meanings of words, scripture, and ultimately truth, just weren’t that important to him.


About Razor Swift

Rich Christian who is the founder of Razor Swift, seeks to open hearts and minds through the platform of apologetics. It's his desire to approach Biblical, faith, and other issues from a different perspective rather than just preaching to the choir in the Christianese dialect. He maintains that faith and reason mustn’t necessarily be at odds with each other, but can be complementary. May no stone lay unturned.
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10 Responses to Jehovah’s Witness Bible Study: Born Again To See The Kingdom? (Video)

  1. Sam Harper says:

    10:30 Wait a minute! Doesn’t God have THREE kingdoms? The Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial???

  2. Razor Swift says:


    Sorry I missed that hehe. It’s hard to get things on text sometimes. Perhaps I’m just slow 😉

  3. TJ says:

    Hey there Razor Swift. I’m one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and I’d be happy to discuss any of these issues with you if you’re up for it.

  4. Will B. Free says:

    I listened to the entire study. I am an awakened JW, no longer under the control. You did a very nice job. It was disturbing listening to the lack of comprehension on the JW’s part … since I was once there. He seemed quite condescending in his approach, odd how giving programmed Watchtower responses makes a JW so confident of their knowledge and ability. His demeanor sure did change once he realized you were in control.

    • Razor Swift says:

      Thank you for the comment and listening to the study. It’s sad to see the mental gymnastics of the JW’s, but they have learned such tricks from the spin masters at Bethel.

  5. Barbara Radke says:

    Hi there! I can’t get in to read this bible study… help…. thankyou.


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