A Jehovah’s Witness Encounter: Do You Have a Bible?

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A New Strategy

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked to Jehovah’s Witnesses in person so when an opportunity presented itself recently, I took it.

I spotted one of those now famous JW carts that they’ve been lugging around for the past few years, it almost seems that they’re tired of going door to door as of late. Why walk around tirelessly knocking on doors covering territory, when you can plop a mobile cart anywhere, kick back, relax–sometimes at the beach, ya I’ve seen them chilling, catching some sun–and have people come to you! It’s a great strategy.
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Timothy McGrew Lecture: Who Wrote the Gospels?

I’ve often seen people challenge the authorship of the gospels and I found a superb lecture on the traditional view of this. This is lecture one in a series done by Dr. Timothy McGrew, who is a philosophy teacher at Western Michigan University. In it, he gives various angles on why the the gospels really aren’t from anonymous sources as charged, he cites internal and external evidence, which includes “hostile” witnesses, writings from early Christians etc. On the Apologetics 3:15 website, you can find more information on this. Enjoy!

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Two Quick Angel Stories

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A Strange Sensation

I have a couple of interesting accounts that will hopefully encourage some of you who are Christians.

My wife was relaying a story to me that her friend told her recently. Her friend’s father passed away a couple of years ago (cancer) and the events surrounding his passing, were interesting.
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Paradox Class with Hugh Ross and Default Atheists

School is in Session

My wife and I had the pleasure of going to the Sunday school class of Dr. Hugh Ross (1) last week. (2) I used to go several years ago, but had to stop going because life simply got in the way. For now, we do plan on going when he’s in town, which doesn’t seem that often, unfortunately. On a quick side note, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Ross on the Frank Sontag show the next day!
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The Witch of Endor: Samuel or a Demon?

Witch of Endor

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Conjuring up the dead?

Here’s an interesting passage in 1 Samuel 28 (1) that I’d like us to look at today, the story of the witch of Endor. (Make sure to read this passage carefully before you continue reading) Years ago, I took the common position that this account, was of a witch conjuring up a demon. After-all, people can’t conjure up the dead, right? Well, kinda sorta. Before we get into this particular text, I’d like us to look at another passage in Deuteronomy.
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The Bible Has 400,000 Errors?

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Does Inspiration Necessitate Dictation?

Once upon a time, I was one of those Christians that looked at the Bible the way a Muslim does the Qur’an. What I mean by that, is that I believed the Bible, down to every last letter, was without error. Muslims are taught that all of the manuscripts are the same–without variation. This is how I approached the Bible too, I think that being a King James Onlyist had much to do with it. (Note)
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Facebook Apologetics Study Group

Christian Apologetics Study

We now have an apologetics study group on Facebook called: (CASA) Christian Apologetics Study Alliance. I’ve been meeting more people that would like to get into apologetics but just don’t know where to start. Additionally, a number of folks are flat out intimidated by some of the more complex arguments of scholars like William Lane Craig, Gary Habermas, N. T. Wright etc. So, with that, I created this group to help facilitate the beginners–I’m a layman myself but not quite a beginner–in getting their feet wet in this field of study. While we warmly welcome the more scholarly types (we definitely need these folks in our group too!), our primary focus is to cater to the newbies.

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God’s Nickname Is Jehovah?


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Getting back on the horse

It’s been awhile but I started studying with a Jehovah’s Witness again, and I’m going through the “Bible Teach” book with. In our last study, my JW conductor emphatically told me that God’s name, is Jehovah. I asked him what language this name is in; originally that is. (I wanted to tell him it’s a hybrid Latin name but refrained) He said he didn’t know but actually admitted it’s fairly close to the divine name “YHWH”–which is the Hebrew, the tetragrammaton–but that it isn’t his exact name. Of course this an important name according to the Watchtower, they say:
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The Watchtower Hides Pedophiles: Call The Police? (Video)

Download the letter spoken of in the video:

PDF: http://jwsurvey.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/2012-October-1-BOE-Child-Abuse.pdf
Text: http://www.silentlambs.org/BOEABUSE.htm

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Razor Swift – The Deeper Waters of Apologetics With Nick Peters

Deeper Waters

Nick Peters joins me on the show to discuss what he does at his apologetics ministry “Deeper Waters”;  including a focus on the real battles that he believes that our culture is fighting today, and where we are being distracted from them. Nick is a Christian apologist living in the Corryton Tennessee area just outside of Knoxville. He’s the social media and communications expert for Ratio Christi, the ministry partner of J. P. Holding of Tekton Apologetics Ministries. He and his wife Allie have been married for over two years and both of them have Asperger’s as well. Nick is currently preparing work on his Master’s in New Testament focusing on the question of miracles. We will be LIVE! Wednesday October 24th at 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm Mountain, 7 pm Central, 8 pm Eastern.

The show will be hosted live on Grok Radio at:

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Razor Swift – Mormonism With Guest: Shawn McCraney

Shawn McCraney is the author of “I Was A Born Again Mormon”, which is a book that is as authentic in its compassion for Mormons as it is theologically rigorous. Shawn was a Mormon for over 40 years until he met the real Jesus of Christianity. He is also the host of the television show “Heart of the Matter” which has aired since 2006. We will be LIVE! Friday October 19th at 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm Mountain, 7 pm Central, 8 pm Eastern.

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Razor Swift – Watchtower Pedophilia With Guest: William H. Bowen

William H. Bowen is the National Director of Silentlambs Inc., a child abuse awareness organization that assists with Jehovah’s Witness victims of abuse. Silentlambs is an internationally known organization that educates the public and media on the practices of JWs and how it relates to abuse issues. William has appeared as an expert on VH1 The Life of Michael Jackson, Dateline, CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, CNN with Connie Chung, and the New York Times. He will share some of these heart wrenching abuse scandals with us. We will be live Wednesday October 17th at 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm Mountain, 7 pm Central, 8 pm Eastern.

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