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Facebook Apologetics Study Group

We now have an apologetics study group on Facebook called: (CASA) Christian Apologetics Study Alliance. I’ve been meeting more people that would like to get into apologetics but just don’t know where to start. Additionally, a number of folks are … Continue reading

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Razor Swift – The Deeper Waters of Apologetics With Nick Peters

Nick Peters joins me on the show to discuss what he does at his apologetics ministry “Deeper Waters”;  including a focus on the real battles that he believes that our culture is fighting today, and where we are being distracted … Continue reading

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Doubt is a proof of modesty; it has seldom harmed the advance of the sciences. I could not say as much for incredulity. Apart from pure mathematics, whoever pronounces the word “impossible” is wanting in prudence. -François Arago

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The Atheist Experience Defeats The Kalam Cosmological Argument With A Sandwich (Video)

I’ve been watching The Atheist Experience consistently for a handful of months now (I’ve watched short clips of it before but not full episodes) and I’m rather amused by what I see. I’m sad to say that the majority of … Continue reading

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Spotlight On Apologetics Guy

Apologetics Guy was founded by Mikel Del Rosario, who, has quite an impressive resume’ in apologetics. From his bio it says that he received an M.A. in Christian Apologetics with highest honors from Biola University (2003). He has shared the … Continue reading

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How To Fix Society According To Atheists

Yet another tactic that I see atheists use against God and religion, is visualized in the picture on the right (You’ll have to click on it a few times to read it) This picture is apparently trying to convey that … Continue reading

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Did Jesus Exist? Interview Of Agnostic Scholar Bart Ehrman (Video)

I’ve been meeting more and more skeptics who have taken the stance that Jesus never existed at all. This is a peculiar position as there are many attested writings about him, from early sources other than the Bible. The charge … Continue reading

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But, above all, if we apply to the New Testament, as we should, the same sort of criteria as we should apply to other ancient writings containing historical material, we can no more reject Jesus’ existence than we can reject … Continue reading

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The Skeptic And A Believer Dialogue

Because sometimes the skeptic wishes to remain one at all cost BELIEVER: Hey did you hear they found a huge boat in the mountains of Ararat? SKEPTIC: So what’s your point? BELIEVER: That it’s Noah’s Ark and the dimensions match … Continue reading

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Spotlight On ISWA U

The International Society of Women in Apologetics (ISWA) is an organization whose curriculum is geared towards helping woman from all over the globe defend their Christian faith. This ministry is founded by Sarah Ankenman, also know as “The Valley Girl Apologist“. From their website they … Continue reading

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The Anthropic Principal Is The Extraordinary Evidence For God (Video)

Description: Given the probability of chance for the hundreds of fine tuning examples in the universe, the better answer is that a fine tuner tuned the tunings rather than chance or accident.  

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A Troll In Every Cave? (Video)

Description: Calling someone a troll appears to be the fan favorite in the ad hominem department.  

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