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God’s Nickname Is Jehovah?

Getting back on the horse It’s been awhile but I started studying with a Jehovah’s Witness again, and I’m going through the “Bible Teach” book with. In our last study, my JW conductor emphatically told me that God’s name, is Jehovah. I asked him what … Continue reading

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The Watchtower End Of The World Prophecies List

The False Prophet The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has a laundry list of false prophecies dating back to the late 19th century. I’m making this list available to those that want to see the reality of what was really … Continue reading

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“Any gloating over others’ losses reveals a heart that is not fully devoted to God and overflowing with his love. Gloating is evidence of envy and pride -not what a humbled, hurting person needs. In fact, gloating is so damaging … Continue reading

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A Rabbi Defines The Trinity

What’s In A Word? The use of the word “Elohim” for God has been hotly debated for centuries concerning the Trinity. To be fair, it has also been used of angels and false deities (including wood, stone, and gold idols … Continue reading

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Analogy Problem Solving Regarding The Trinity

A Unique Definition In one’s quest to try and explain the Trinity, the attempt is often followed by an analogy. Some may feel that none are suffice and will be happy to just say that it’s a mystery, that none … Continue reading

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On The Deity Of Christ: Research Versus Revelation

Who Is Jesus? One of the more popular debates among Christians and unbelievers, is the topic of the Trinity and the nature of Christ. If you were to read the various religious blogs, forums, chatrooms, networking sites (such as Facebook) … Continue reading

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